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About the Firm

JD|Law is a "Personal Interest" law firm. Whatever your personal interests are, we can assist you. Whether you are interested in legal representation for a family law, business, personal injury, criminal, or mediation matter we would be pleased to represent you.
What makes JD|Law even more personal to your needs is the fee structure. JD|Law aspires to bring legal representation to clients of modest-means and is a registered member of the Louisiana State Bar Association's Modest-Means Directory. During your free Case Assessment, we will discuss the facts of your specific case, your expectations, the law in Louisiana, and come up with a plan of action that fits your case. In most instances, after this assessment with the client, JD|Law  will quote a flat fee, or fees, for the appropriate phases of your case.  Doing this allows you to know upfront what to expect, plan and budget with regards to expenses in your case.  This is a departure from how most attorneys charge using the billable hour method, which results in: 1) no clear idea of what you may end up spending, and 2) an incentive for the case to take as long as possible. 


If you have questions regarding a legal matter in Louisiana, please contact JD Law Group to set up a free Case Assessment.  


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