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Practice Areas

The backbone of JD|Law is to provide high quality legal services whatever your personal legal interests. Our attorney does some things really well. And if we don't do it, we'll be happy to help you find someone who can. One way or the other, you'll find what you need.

Family Law

This is our focus. Domestic issues are never easy. Whether you're dealing with a contested or no-fault divorce, child custody or support, or any other personal issue, I will create an environment for you and your family to get through your situation the most effective way possible.



Getting divorced is a time of turmoil. The future may seem uncertain, and you must find a way to rebuild your life. One thing that is certain is you should not make important decisions without seeking legal advice. In many ways, your future and that of your family depends on the decisions you'll make and the quality of advice you receive regarding divorce, spousal support, property division and more. Attorney Jason Asbill will take the time to learn about you, your family, and your goals to develop a plan of action to guide you through court or the Mediation process. To help you answer some of the basic questions about divorce, check out the Divorce FAQs.


Child Welfare, Custody, & Support

Child custody, visitation and support arrangements involve the most difficult decisions families will make in times of divorce and separation. One thing that should always be remembered, however,is that it is essential to protect a child's best interests. It is preferred by the law for parents to resolve these arrangements on their own with the assistance of an attorney or a mediator and without getting a court involved. JD Law Group can help you achieve a workable child custody solution that meets your child's needs including Divorce, Child Custody & Visitation Mediation. To help you answer some of the basic questions about these children's issues, check out the Child Custody & Support FAQs.  Also check out this article on Helping Children Adjust to Divorce.


Family Mediation

Attorney Jason Asbill is a Certified Family Mediator for the state of Louisiana. When spouses are going through a divorce or when parents are co-parenting after separation or divorce, conflicts may arise. Mediation allows the family to maintain control of the decisions and reduces the risk associated with trial. Visit the Family Mediation page for more information



Adoptions can be very exciting, but it is a legal process that should not be taken lightly. This is a lifelong committment to care for a child as your own. An adoption can be even more joyous with the assistance of an attorney to help navigate the necessary legal processes. Adoptions come in all shapes and sizes including newborn adoptions, step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions and international adoptions. Consult an attorney to help you through the process.


Successions, Wills, and Trusts

The loss of a family member is a trying time, and should not be complicated by a lack of planning. Due to the specific requirements of Louisiana law and the complexities of creating a valid will, it is important to get legal advice to ensure that you and your family are protected. JD Law Group can help offer peace of mind by helping you plan for tomorrow's inevitabilities.

Personal Injury

Someone else is careless and you or a loved one ends up hurt. Bills start to pile up. Insurance companies hound you relentlessly. You need an advocate who can fight the insurnance company for every penny you deserve in medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and your pain. JD Law Group can work to get you the best possible outcome without any upfront fees from you.

Civil Litigation

​Lawsuits, Courtrooms, Judges, Juries, Mediation, Arbitration. Too much to handle already? JD Law Group can handle your civil litigation matter including contract disputes, employee/employer conflict, landlord/tenant matters, breaches of warranty, internal small buisness disputes, and non-competition agreements to name a few. We can map out a plan, within a budget and goals set by you and forge forward.

Criminal Law

​A criminal conviction, including DWI, has severe consequences on the rest of your life. It is important that you hire an attorney if you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime. An attorney is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected thought the criminal justice process.

Other Practice Areas
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